by Joe Harris

DAVID CITY, NE -- It's been six months since the spring flood waters swept through Butler County.

Yet some folks said many of the roads are still in bad shape.

Residents turned up to the Butler County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday to say many roads are still badly damaged from the 2019 floods.  They said the roads are crucial to the upcoming harvest season and public safety.

One board member said they've been working at it, but that they've had some difficulties.

“With the weather the way it was this year, we were constantly fighting rain and muddy conditions and it just compounded how long it took to get all these projects done,” Greg Janak said.

Board members said they've made progress on many of the roads by putting more gravel on them.

But some concerned citizens said that's doing more damage in certain areas with a lot of the gravel just getting pushed into the ditches.

“We’re just trying to explain to them if they don’t have the proper training, you need to get the proper training and there’s a person that’s in charge of that," Scott Buresh said.  "That’s the highway superintendent."

Greg Janak
“I’m hard pressed to know that that is happening because we know how valuable getting rock on these roads has been. That they’re pushing it off of the roads is evidently operator error,” Greg Janak.

Janak said he will contact the highway superintendent to make sure that gets addressed.

Buresh predicts if proper action isn't taken on some of the roads, they'll be closed permanently this winter. 

Janak said not to worry because they'll get to them before that happens.