NORFOLK - The law enforcement community is giving back with the annual Shop With A Cop in Norfolk.

Various northeast Nebraska law enforcement, Bright Horizons and the Norfolk J.C. Penney's came together to help out local kids in need on Saturday morning.

The Nebraska State Patrol, The Madison County Sheriff's Office, The Norfolk Police Department and The Stanton County Sheriff's Office came out 

Thanks to a grant, donations, and the generosity of others, this year's Shop With a Cop had around $2,000 to buy new clothes for eight children.

J.C. Penney's Store manager Gary Munyer says holding the event is personal.

“When I was younger, we grew up poor in Los Angeles, California and my aunt used to take me shopping before school started every year because we didn’t have much money so she helped us out, kindness of her heart. I’m doing this like in memory of her.” Munyer says.

This is the third year Munyer has held the event and says he will continue doing it because of the positivity it brings to the kids and the community.

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger has attended Shop With A Cop all three years and says a lot of police work is dealing with the bad parts of society, but events like this make it worth it.

“There’s nothing better in this line of work then to help people. You know we see the bad in people, the tragedies, and it’s just nice to come here and see a positive and to see the smiles on these kids is worth a million things.” Unger says.

Buying clothes wasn't the only part of the day. The kids also had a free lunch catered by Buffalo Wild Wings and free haircuts.