The preschoolers of the Norfolk Public School district now have a building dedicated to them.

Classes at the Little Panthers Preschool began August 22nd. The building was dedicated today at a ribbon cutting ceremony. Principal Melissa Jantz says it was great to see how many people showed up.

"I think it just reiterates what we know about our community," Jantz said. "They're very supportive of our public schools, so to have them join us today and see the facility and checkout the classrooms, it was very reassuring that we're doing the right thing for our children of Norfolk."

The school has 220 enrolled students for its first year. Jantz praised the construction workers that ensured the classrooms were ready by the first day of school.

"We've been really excited that we were able to open on time," Jantz said. "We've had kids in the building and today's an exciting day too to let the community come in and see our building as well."

Norfolk Public Schools spent the last year converting the building from a church into a school. The move was a money saver. Norfolk Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jami Jo Thompson says the district would have spent twice as much money to construct its own structure.

"The impact that this facility and the expansion of our preschool will have on this community's future and our children's future simply cannot be underestimated," Thompson said.  

Now the staffers can focus on the task at hand: teaching their students.

"We've had some really great weeks of teaching the children and getting to know them better and helping them learn routines and those important aspects," Jantz said.