NORFOLK - Orphan Grain Train held a convention in Norfolk on Friday to show off what the organization has been up to the last year, and what the future looks like for the non-profit.

Dozens of OGT vehicles and pieces of equipment were on display at the Divots DeVent Center Friday afternoon as a showcase of what the organization deployed to both foreign and domestic locations in need if their help.

Orphan Grain Train is a Christian volunteer network that ships donated food, clothing, medical and other needed items to people in 69 different countries including the United States.

But the organization’s help was needed most recently during the devastating March flooding that plagued much of eastern Nebraska.

Vice President of Operations Grant Schmidt says the large amount of support OGT received during the flooding helped thousands of victims.

“Realistically, this was an incredible tragedy that happened here in Nebraska and certainly Orphan Grain Train got a lot of support, a lot of local support, and we gave it right back.” Schmidt says.

Reflecting on the past was only one part of the night, representatives from OGT and other community organizations spoke about what the non-profit can do the future.

Schmidt says that OGT is looking to focus more on local and domestic outreach because of the need they have seen in recent months.

Included in that vision is a new building in Norfolk which would provide a larger capacity to store donations like food, clothing and equipment.

“We have made a stronger commitment to our domestic or to our local communities and we continue to see that as we improve out facilities we can help more locally and internationally and that’s our goal.”