"I thought we were done with this," Wisner resident David Dinklage said while driving along 275 Thursday morning. "Unreal."

He echoes the sentiments of many Nebraskans as heavy rains caused waters to once again cover roadways.

"We had seven inches [Wednesday] night and [Thursday] morning," Dinklage said. "It went over 275 in two spots and then the 3rd road, the county road, had about a foot of water over it too."

Traffic on Highway 275 just west of Wisner was slowed significantly during the Thursday morning commute. Dinklage, who lives west of Wisner and just north of Highway 275 says the time of day complicated matters further.

"When it was dark this morning, cars were coming pretty fast, and they had to slow way down," Dinklage said. "I saw one almost hydroplane."

By early Thursday afternoon, the waters were off the road. Dinklage, like many, hopes it finally will stay that way.

Severe weather, it's been happening a lot lately that's for sure," he said. "We had the same floods this Spring, so hopefully the rain can slow down a little bit now for harvest."