BEATRICE - A local steering committee has begun meeting on an updated housing study for Beatrice and Gage County.
Several organizations are backing the study, which seeks to update the results of an initial study.

Gage Area Growth Enterprise Executive Director Walker Zulkoski says residential development has happened since the completion of the first study.
"There were some early comments from some folks thinking the last housing study wasn't successful. But if you think of everything that is going on at Covered Bridge (Heights), Hannibal View and what happened at the old hospital site, I think it was really successful the last time", Zulkoski said.

Zulkoski says committee members want to make sure that such studies are not left on the shelf and that there is clear data that points to what is needed in housing for rent or ownership. The committee has about fifteen people participating, including realtors and industry representatives.

"We'll do some surveys. One will be like just a community survey, but then also we're going to try to hit our industry hard, on workforce". The survey would attempt to find out the needs of the workforce... where are they living, what do they want to see....what are they looking to rent, what are they looking to own. Not just a duplex or a home, but do they want to live in an apartment or upstairs downtown, or a tiny home.

One goal is to attract more people to live in the area, thereby boosting the potential workforce.

The NGage Board of Directors met on Thursday. October will be observed as Manufacturing Month, with a Manufacturing Day designated for October 3rd.