NORFOLK - The Sunset Plaza Mall occupation tax has been dismissed by the Norfolk City Council.

In a split vote Monday evening, the council voted to dismiss the motion with Mayor Josh Moenning breaking the tie with a no vote.

The council argued that the property owners, Dial, have not been receptive to the City's suggestions for the money raised by the tax including educating the public on how to the money is spent and why improvement haven't been made on a regular basis.

“It really smelled like a bailout. They were asking tax payers and existing tenants who already pay a high rate of rent to finance these improvements that In my opinion should have been made in regular over the last few decades.” Moenning says.

Mayor Moenning says that he hopes Dial comes back with a new proposal for the mall that includes the best interests of all the mall tenants.

Moenning says he was skeptical about how Dial would use the money or if the renovations would benefit the economy of Norfolk in the future.