BATTLE CREEK, Neb.-- Battle Creek has voted to approve almost 8 million dollars for new facilities, as of Tuesday evening.

The issue for the $7.9 million bond passed 448 for and 442 votes against, a slim six-vote margin.

Battle Creek Superintendent Jake Luhr said, "I thought it would be pretty close....and so I'm still waiting until it's official to get excited."

The bond will transform parts of the elementary school and high school, with things like a new fire sprinkler, private therapy rooms, and a new art room, supporters said.

The bond has received some backlash as it would increase the price of current taxes. According to Luhr, the bond would add 4.25 cents to the current 8 cents in taxes, raising the tax to 12.25 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

The county clerk will officially declare the decision on Wednesday.