NORFOLK, Neb. -- A local brewery in Norfolk is starting to become a popular name around northeast Nebraska with different types of its products now being sold in different parts of the state.

Before Divots Brewery officially opened back on April 1st, the brewmaster, Jeremy Kirby, always had a goal of spreading the products he and his team produces around Nebraska. Now, it’s a reality.

Divots beers can now be found at your local Hyvee in northeast Nebraska with the products stretching all the way to Omaha, Lincoln, and the Grand Island area.

Kirby said he keeps hearing great things about how sales have gone.

“Well, the distributor keeps buying it,“ said Kirby. “Different markets have their different favorites. Locally, I think ‘Donna’s Raspberry’ is a really good seller. We’re just getting started. We’re going to have at least 14 cans of beer throughout the year."

It’s no secret that Busch Light or Coors Light are popular choices of drinks in the midwest. Kirby said it’s all about getting new people to try your product.

“I make pretty good, approachable beers,” he said. “I think it goes good with people that are just getting into craft beer. This is kind of Busch Light, Coors Light country. So, anything I can do to turn those guys onto it.”

Divots Brewery also plans to expand to the panhandle area in the fall according to Kirby.

If you're interested in checking out the brewery and its items, go to their Facebook page for all the details.