MACY, NE - Students at Omaha Nation Public Schools are getting a unique opportunity thanks in part to a documentary crew that is filming at their school.

I Love Public Schools is working with the students to improve technical skills like shooting video and editing. They’ve given the student some assignments throughout the semester, such as filming themselves and talking about their lives. The ultimate goal, however, is to teach the kids lessons they can take with them where ever they end up.

"Its exposure into potentially a skill set that they may not have been exposed to before," I Love Public Schools director of photography Andy Marinkovich said. "If they can move forward and do something in part of this field, they can do that locally, they could go out in their community and share that with other people."

The students are enjoying the process as well. They say its been exciting to work with a professional film crew and to learn some tricks of the trade from them.

"I thought it was very fun and I think it brought a lot of students out of their comfort zone," senior Kyleigh Merrick said. 

Teachers helping with the program hopes that it gives the students more confidence.

"[I hope it gives them] a voice, confidence to say this is who I am and feel good about it," Achievement Center co-coordinator Sandy Pearson said.

Others see the storytelling abilities that come from the class as the most exciting.

"I think if they get really involved they can find something they like and if they like that they can come back and do more films about the tribe and get the story of the tribe out there," culture teacher aid Sam Grant said. "I think sometimes, especially from Nebraska, the Omaha people get [put] by the wayside even though this is our original homelands."

Outside of working with students. I Love Public Schools is filming a documentary about the school. They say they’re excited to learn and share stories about the culture. Its the first time the crew has filmed at a reservation school. There is no release date set for when the documentary will air.