Michael Dale is hitching along more than just a few tons on his pickup.

He’s bringing with him a mobile arcade that puts the player right in the game.

“I went and bought this trailer last Summer,” said Dale, the operator for Nebraska’s VR Game Truck. “When I saw this, and I saw the way virtual reality was going, I dove into it.”

It’s VR, or “Virtual Reality”. When you put on the headset, you become a part of the action, whether you’re shooting aliens or strapped in the cockpit of an F-22.

Buckling up for some AC Combat 7 with a VR headset gave me an unreal sense of vertigo, even when sitting still in my chair. I asked Dale if anybody has ever fallen out of the chair.

“No, not yet,” he said.

If shooting and hitting things isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of historical and even spiritual virtual reality experiences for those who want to feel like they were actually there, like his Jesus VR program.

When asked if he ever imagined putting his history degree to use in this fashion, he said, “No, not this way. I thought I would just teach history.”

Cliche as it sounds, it really is fun for the whole family and for all skill levels. Rhythm, action, simulators and racings games are all lined up across multiple console generations.

“It was fun,” said Shay Janic after playing one of the games. “I felt like I was holding the lightsabers.”

“When we drove by and we seen it I was like ‘I’ve never head a virtual reality game so let’s see if it’s open,'" said Hector Medina.

“Man, I like that. It was realistic. You could look everywhere, and everything was there. And the gaming, oh man. Sweet, dude. I like it.”

“Oh, the graphics? On point,” said Adrian Medina who just got done playing the racing game. “I would love to do it again. Not going to lie.”

And with the arcade being on wheels, you don’t need to seek out the fun.

Michael is here to bring it to you.


For more information on Nebraska's VR Game Truck, you can visit http://www.virtualrealitygametruck.com/norfolk-nebraska.html