NORFOLK, Neb. -- Supply chain issues are continuing to affect businesses all across the United States, especially during the holidays.

Statement Boutique, a women's clothing store in downtown Norfolk, is feeling the effects of the continuing supply chain problems. The owner of the clothing shop, Bridget Kumm, says it's been difficult.

"This summer especially noticed huge supply chain issues. We on average get anywhere from 18 to 40 boxes of inventory a week depending on what's going on and what time of year it is and we were getting like one or two," said Kumm.

Kumm also mentioned that it got so bad with getting inventory that the store couldn't get in certain jackets because the companies didn't have small details to finish making the items.

"I would place a big order and immediately get an email of we don't have the buttons to finish that shirt, we don't have the zipper to finish that jacket. Shoes have been awful to get. They haven't had the heel but the boot has been completely constructed. So, at this point I've just been ordering what's available," added Kumm.

Even with all of the supply chain chaos the store is facing going into the new year, business has still been really good, Kumm said.

"So, business has been amazing here. Black Friday was the biggest in-store sales day we've ever had. Last year, we still did very well in-store but we just crushed it online on Black Friday last year, and this year, it was kind of tied between online shoppers and in-store shoppers," Kumm told News Channel Nebraska.