Kids are jumping for joy and having fun.

Public schools around Nebraska celebrated ‘I Love Public Schools Day’.

It's become a celebration where Nebraskans honor and recognize educators, students, and staff in our public schools.

There was no shortage of happy faces on Wednesday afternoon.

“Nebraska's ‘Public Schools Day’ is very important because it recognizes our school employees, our teachers, our parents, our custodians, bus drivers. Everybody for all the hard work that they do,” said Dr. Jami Jo Thompson, who is the Superintendent at Norfolk Public Schools.

Thousands of employees within public schools in Nebraska participate in honoring education every year since it began seven years ago.

Sandy Wolfe, who is the President of Norfolk Public Schools Board of Education, and Jill Marsden, a kindergarten teacher, both talked about why they love this tradition.

“I love public schools because it gives us the opportunity to really celebrate our teachers like Mrs. Marsden and all they do for our kids and our community because that’s what public schools is,” Sandy Wolfe said.

‘'You just have to step back and recognize what you’re doing as a whole community, what you’re doing as a school system, what you’re doing as teachers,” Jill Marsden said. 

Even students wanted to talk about why they love going to a public school.

“Um, because it’s free. The food is free. And, the food is good,” added a student named Hadley, who attends Lincoln Montessori.

“I like public schools because I get to be with all my friends,” added Charley, who is also a student.