NORFOLK, Neb. -- Many came to a pancake feed in northeast Nebraska Saturday. 

The Norfolk Lions Club put on their 62nd Annual Pancake Feed, which is held the third Saturday of February every year. 

"Everybody remembers that," said Leon Sweigard president of Norfolk Lions Club. "It's a tradition."

By 8:45 a.m., Sweigard said that they had at least 1,000 people come through already. 

"It's our biggest fundraiser," said Sweigard. "We usually serve 3,000 to as many as 5,000 people."

Sweigard said that the whole community supports the event, and so do the entertainers they have for the Pancake feed. 

"We have entertainment," said Sweigard. 

Entertainers include the Junior High Jazz band, the Senior High Jazz band, a taekwondo performance from the Y, and Fender Bender came in from the Omaha area to play. 

"That draws people in," said Sweigard. "Really, if we didn't have the entertainment, we probably wouldn't have as many people. They do a wonderful job for us."

Sweigard said that the money that comes from this stays local. 

"We have local venders," Sweigard said. "We purchase all of our food. We have some services donated and so all of the money we raise goes back to the community 100%. We could not do this without the community."

The feed will run 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Pancakes and sausage will be served all day. They also offer a drive-thru. 

"Our motto is, 'We serve'. Our international president, Douglas Alexander's motto is, 'service from the heart'," said Sweigard. "Which works out perfect because you give from the heart, and so that's why our pancake feed is such a success."

Sweigard said that everybody involved - working and supporting it - are involved from the heart. He said that's why they can't fail. 

Sweigard said that if anyone would like to become the member they just have to find a member and talk to them. He said that you have to be invited and told NCN that he extended his official invite.