WEST POINT, Neb.-- A northeast Nebraska basketball team is getting recognized for competing on a national stage.

With the NCAA basketball tournaments now in full swing, a local basketball team from West Point recently competed in a national tournament. 

The eighth-grade boy's basketball team at St. Paul Lutheran was recognized during a church service on Wednesday morning for competing in the National Lutheran Basketball Tournament in Indiana.

The tournament featured teams from all over the United States including California and Nevada.

Some of the players mentioned what it was like to compete.

“It was really fun. A lot of good teams. There was like 32 teams. Really challenging,” added Peyton Penrose.

At first, when the team got there and saw all the other teams they would be competing against, some of the players admitted they were a little bit intimated.

But, when they got their first victory, they knew they belonged.

“It really helped us for the next couple of games to see that we’re a good team and we deserve to be there,” said Penrose.

For one of the coaches, Emily Kumm, it was an honor to not only represent the state of Nebraska but it puts West Point in the spotlight.

“It's really pretty spectacular," Kumm said. "Like we’re pretty proud of Nebraska but to put West Point and to put St. Paul on the map, I know people were looking us up because they didn’t know where we were from. To put that on the map, these boys did an outstanding job with that," added Kumm. 

The team finished fourth overall in the tournament and looks to have a bright future.

 Other teams from Nebraska also participated in the tournament as well. A boy's team from Lincoln, Lincoln Lutheran, finished with an overall record of (3-2). Another boys team from Norfolk, Christ Lutheran, finished with an overall record of (2-2). Lincoln Lutheran also made it on the girl's side of the tournament. The Warriors finished with an overall record of (1-2). A girls team from Battle Creek, St. John Lutheran, also made the tournament. The Hawks finished with an overall record of (3-2).