NORFOLK, Neb. -- A candidate for governor made a stop at the Black Cow Fat Pig in Norfolk on Tuesday.

Theresa Thibodeau along with her running mate, Trent Loos, stopped in Norfolk Tuesday night to attend the GOP election forum to learn more about the candidates for the Norfolk Public Schools board.

Once the event ended, Thibodeau held a meet and greet to hear the issues that voters are concerned about in the state of Nebraska.

Thibodeau said the two main goals of her campaign are to deliver property tax relief to Nebraskans and to focus on children’s education.

She also said she wants Nebraskans to know their thoughts are heard.

“What matters are the voices of the citizens of Nebraska because they are our second house. It’s my goal to return the power to the people and in order to do that, it’s doing things like this. Each and every day, we do them multiple times a day, sitting down, talking with people and listening to them about their everyday concerns and what their goals are for the future of our great state,” she said.

The stop was county number 25 of Thibodeau's 93 county tour.

Thibodeau’s running mate, Trent Loos, said the two will have open transparency during their term if elected.

“We are going to be the governor team that has the most transparency and does what we can to power the people at the local level to make the changes that make Nebraska even better where it currently is,” he said.

Thibodeau’s next stop will be Sidney before touring the rest of the state.