NORFOLK, Neb. -- Multiple people in northeast Nebraska have been cited for allegedly concealing the death of a prematurely born infant, Norfolk Police said Wednesday.

On April 26, NPD began an investigation into an allegation that a 17-year-old girl prematurely gave birth to an infant who died at a home. The allegations claimed that the girl then enacted a plan to bury the child's body at an undisclosed location.

NPD conducted interviews, during which officers learned that two individuals reportedly assisted the girl with the transport and burial of the infant's body.

On April 29, the individuals in question reportedly led an NPD detective to the location of the buried body, which was located north of Norfolk.

NPD and the Madison County Sheriff's Office then worked in conjunction and proceeded to exhume the body.

An autopsy was performed on April 30, and it was confirmed the baby was stillborn, Norfolk Police Capt. Michael Bauer said.

The investigation continued, and authorities issued citations for misdemeanor charges.

The 17-year-old girl was issued a citation for concealing the death of another person and false reporting.

41-year-old Jessica Burgess and 21-year-old Tanner Barnhill, both of Norfolk, were issued citations for concealing the death of another person. Burgess was also cited for false reporting.

The Norfolk Police Division and Madison County Sheriff's Office were also assisted by the Stanton County Sheriff's Office in the process of the investigation