NORFOLK, Neb. --  A protest expressed pro-choice opinions in Norfolk on Sunday. 

"Pro-life is what they call themselves, but I don't think they realize just how not pro-life being pro-life is," said Kara Naumann, co-organizer of a protest for abortion rights. 

The gathering started from an event post on Facebook: Defend Roe v. Wade Protest.

"We knew we were consumed by people who felt entirely different from us, but collectively we all came together," Naumann said. "We knew our voices would be small but we needed to speak out."

Naumann is seven months pregnant with her second son, due in July. 

"I am trying to put more men in the world who will stand up for women, basically," Naumann said with a laugh. 

She noted that she is choosing to give birth because she has the family and resources to feel it is the right decision. "Lots of women don't have that and to take that choice away from her, based on your religion, is trapping so many women."

Naumann continued by stating that she believes abortion accessibility affects more than women, as it stretches to autonomy rights, privacy, and economy. 

"Already, one in six children don't know where their next meal will be," she said quoting a study by the USDA. "Forcing women to have birth is only people in poverty already stuck where they are."

About ten other protestors joined her within the first hour of the three-hour-long protest in front of CVS Pharmacy on 13th and Norfolk Ave. Some stated to NCN that many drivers would give thumbs-ups rather than honk, reflecting what some protestors Sunday called fear of speaking up. 

That doesn't mean there wasn't a share of pro-life opinions in Norfolk on Sunday. One counter-protestor took a stand across the street, and some drivers gave thumbs downs as they drove past. 

Earlier this year, several hundred northeast Nebraska students and adults participated in Norfolk's March for Life protest.