NORFOLK, Neb. -- A northeast Nebraska man has been found not responsible for murder by reason of insanity. 

According to court documents, it was determined that 53-year-old Rodolfo Castaneda-Morejon didn't know the difference between right and wrong in the fatal stabbing of 39-year-old Yosvanis Velazquez-Gomez in Norfolk in 2017 as a result of his mental illness. 

He was facing first-degree murder and a weapon charge in the case where he stabbed Velazquez-Gomez 12 times to the back and chest areas. According to an autopsy report, two of the 12 were cutting wounds, and the rest were abrasions, and a superficial cutting wound. 

In court documents, a clinical psychologist at the Lincoln Regional Center said it was their opinion that Castaneda-Morejon met the criteria necessary for the standard of insanity. 

While in custody, Castaneda-Morejon said there were people organizing to make him homosexual on multiple occasions. He also claimed former co-workers and employers were trying to control him and kill him. 

In the filing from District Judge Mark Johnson dated May 11th, Castaneda-Morejon was ordered to undergo a 90-day mental health evaluation and treatment plan. 

Another hearing on this case is ordered to be held on August 5th.