NORFOLK, Neb. -- The fourth run of the Norfolk Sculpture Walk is seeing -- and hearing --  16 new pieces.

"Every year our committee sends out letters to over 200 artists across the United States," said Traci Jeffrey, executive director for Visit Norfolk Area. The committee welcomes artists to visit Norfolk, participate in some tourism, and help them transform it into a creative district. 

The sculptures are given strategic placements, along Norfolk Avenue downtown. For example, the interactive "Maestro" is placed in front of the Midwest Music Center.

After the 16 new sculptures were installed earlier this month, tourists are able to take a leisurely three-hour tour with committee member Angie Stenger. 

"We've had girlfriends, couples, business groups -- it's lots of fun," Stenger, who is also the executive director of Northeast Nebraska Growing Together, said. She even brings them to local restaurants to boost business in Norfolk, too. 

If you can't (or don't feel like) organize a big group of eight people for $30, you can also stroll alone, and listen to the artists explain their designs via the app Otocast.

This year is even more special, organizers said. They're expanding to Braasch Avenue -- and even out of Norfolk. Two sculptures are in Madison. Even Grand Island is molding a place for itself in the walk, now. 

"We're launching SWAN -- Sculpture Walk Across Nebraska," Jeffrey said. 

"We are trying to revitalize and repopulate northeast Nebraska [...] we have seen the value of art as an economic driver," Stenger said. 

You can vote for your favorite artist. The winner receives $500.

If you really love the sculptures, you can buy them. "Maestro," for example, is $35,000.  Find all of them here.