NORFOLK, Neb.-- With Memorial Day right around the corner, a special ceremony was held at Midwest Bank in Norfolk on Wednesday morning remembering the military heroes who have fought and died for our country.


Military veterans and community members came out to the event to honor the memorial wall set up inside the bank with military stories and strong dedications to Nebraska's military heroes.

The ceremony also had a special speaker at the event who has served overseas. Ali Watts, who works at the bank and is a military veteran, talked about the importance of an event like this with Memorial Day on Monday.

“For Memorial Day, it’s kind of personal for me, "Watts said. "Just because I'm a veteran and these are my wars so to speak, my generation," she said.

Watts added that the wall inside of Midwest Bank is unique to her.

"Really for me, it's very personal to see this wall and have this wall here because it's my fallen," said Watts.

On Monday for Memorial Day, the Norfolk Veterans Home will be having their annual dedication honoring service members at their memorial site around 10:30 am.