LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A total of 57 Nebraska elected officials and former elected officials from both political parties endorsed Patty Pansing Brooks for Congress Friday. A number of those officials joined her at a news conference Friday morning in Lincoln.

Pansing Brooks is running against Republican Mike Flood for the First District Congressional seat in both the June 28 special election and November 8 general election.

“I am honored to have the support of some of the best public servants in our state,” Pansing Brooks said. “In running to change Washington, I look to our local leaders for inspiration. The answers to our nation’s problems are found right here at home. I will take Nebraska’s values to Washington as this district’s first Congresswoman.

Friday’s endorsements include the following:

Bob Kerrey, Former U.S. Senator

Ben Nelson, Former U.S. Senator

John J. Cavanaugh III, Former U.S. Congressman

Karen Amen, former Lower Platte South Natural Resources Barb Baier, Lincoln School Board

Roy Baker, Former State Senator

Tom Beckius, Lincoln City Council

Carol Blood, State Senator

Lanny Boswell, Lincoln School Board

James Michael Bowers, Lincoln City Council

John J. Cavanaugh Jr., State Senator

Machaela Cavanaugh, State Senator

Danielle Conrad, Former State Senator

Tanya Cook, Metropolitan Utilities District and Former State Senator

Kathy Danek, Lincoln School Board

Al Davis, Former State Senator

Jen Day, State Senator

Connie Duncan, Lincoln School Board

Deb Eagan, Lower Platte South Natural Resources

Doug Emery, Former Lincoln City Council member

Carl Eskridge, Former Lincoln City Council member Lisa Fricke, State Board of Education

Rachel Garver, Lancaster County treasurer

Leirion Gaylor Baird, Lincoln Mayor

Ken Haar, Former State Senator

Matt Hansen, State Senator

Chuck Hassebrook, Former Nebraska Regent

Megan Hunt, State Senator

Bruce Johnson, Lower Platte South Natural Resources

Patsy Koch Johns, State Board of Education

Steve Lathrop, State Senator

John McCollister, State Senator

Terrell McKinney, State Senator

Zachary Mora James, Airport Authority

Adam Morfeld, State Senator

Maxine Moul, Former Lieutenant Governor

Annie Mumgaard, Lincoln School Board Joseph Nigro, Lancaster County public defender

Dan Quick, Former State Senator

Jane Raybould, Lincoln City Council

Kim Robak, former Lieutenant Governor

DiAnna Schimek, Former State Senator

Paul Schumacher, Former State Senator

Sandy Scofield, Former State Senator

Susan Seacrest, Lower Platte South Natural Resources

Bennie Shobe, Lincoln City Council

Tony Vargas, State Senator

Rick Vest, Lancaster County Commissioner

Lynne Walz, State Senator

Tammy Ward, Lincoln City Council

Sändra Washington, Lincoln City Council

Don Wesely, Former Lincoln Mayor

Bob Wickersham, Former State Senator

Chuck Wilson, Former NU regent

Linda Wilson, Former Lincoln City Council member

Christa Yoakum, Lancaster County Commissioner

John Yoakum, Lower Platte South Natural Resources

Mike Flood is the founder and an owner of Flood Communications and News Channel Nebraska. All stories about him and any declared candidates in the Nebraska First Congressional District race during the remainder of his campaign and/or ensuing tenure in office have been and will be written by outside media outlets.