LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Shakers Gentleman’s club just outside of Waverly has been an eyesore for many in the community, such an eyesore for one business owner, he decided to buy it for $750,000.

“I couldn’t look at it anymore. It was just something that needed to go away for the city of Waverly. We’re a small community and it just didn’t need to be here,” Phil Durst, owner of the land, said.

Durst owns 37 acres around Shakers. He also owns Lincoln Auto Auction, directly behind Shakers.

According to Lancaster County Assessor data, the barn was built in 1966, and Durst is happy to end its life along Highway 6, at 56 years.

“There was just nothing we could do... until today,” Durst said.

Back in 2019 the owner of Shakers said he would paint the pink barn a neutral color and close down in three to four years if he could get a liquor license, but he was closed within a year when the pandemic hit his business hard. Durst tried to buy the land in 2020, but they couldn’t agree on a price.

In February of 2022 they finally agreed on $750,000.

10/11 spoke with some people from Waverly at the demolition site who said it wasn’t a big deal, especially after the former owner painted it gray, but others said the building was obnoxious, and they couldn’t wait for this day.

“Relief... not having to look at it and the people of Waverly coming in and out. It’s going to clean up a lot... the whole community,” Durst said.

No word on what will replace the club, but the city is looking forward to a better entrance into town.