NORFOLK -- A pawesome treat in northeast Nebraska: one girl is fundraising for families, non-profits, and animals by baking and selling dog treats. 

"I've always done community service and loved helping people out," said 11-year-old Blaire Delancey of Norfolk. This month, she's raising money for The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska. She's also fundraised for Furbaby Rescue, the Clausen family in Pierce who lost their home to a fire, and more totaling at least $3,500. Since December alone, she's donated $1,700.

"We donated like over $500 to this one single mom who didn't have enough money to buy Christmas presents so we bought them and the kids were excited to open them," Delancey said. 

She sells bacon, peanut butter, blueberry, and mint flavors -- all beloved by their own two golden retrievers.

The cookies are often given fancy designs by an Omaha artist.

The multistep business isn't Delancey's only focus though -- she dreams of being a real estate agent when she grows up. 

You can support her on their Facebook page.