NORFOLK, Neb. -- "I kind of had a tumultuous childhood, and music was the thing that took me to another place," said Chris Cagle. 

As he grew up, Cagle said, he wanted to do that for other people, too. He noted that, like many careers, the challenge was simply a test of his dedication.

"You got to get in line and do this long wait, and you will get your opportunity [...] but the variable is a drive," Cagle said. 

He said success truly comes down to how bad you want something. The sparkle in that success though comes down to creativity. 

"I was looking at a billboard sign and it said 'invest in your city's future,' so I started thinking, 'I'm going to think of a city as a buddy and she loves the city more than anything,'" Cagle said of one song's creation. Most of them, though, are based on his own life. 

Going forward, Cagle has a few story ideas in his head yet to come -- including possibly writing about bringing the country together -- something only music seems to be able to do.

You might be able to learn more about that -- and hear some other of his newer tunes -- at the Lonestar Concert on June 24th at Midtown Event Center. You might even run into his family at Aquaventure that week, too.

"We've got some stuff to check out when we come to your neck of the woods," Cagle said.