NORFOLK, Neb -- Norfolk Public Schools (NPS) has announced its new director for the Aftershock program through a press release Wednesday morning.

Starting July 1, Maggie Pilar will take over duties from the current director Austin Casselberry. Pilar has been a part of the Aftershock program since 2017 serving in many roles and is currently the middle school site manager for NPS. Casselberry says he was excited for Pilar to take over the program and to see her grow and lead Aftershock moving forward. Pilar herself stated that she too was excited and expanded on her experience in Aftershock.

"Aftershock has been such an impressive program for our youth and I am excited to continue to make this program successful with the experience I bring in," Pilar said. "In 2017 I started as a facilitator and worked my way up to office manager, partnership specialist, site manager, and now project director. I'm also very excited to continue to work with such a supportive staff and community."

The Aftershock program focuses on expanded learning opportunities through clubs that focus on STEM, art, health/wellness, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, civic engagement, and career connections.