NORFOLK, Neb. -- In April, the Norfolk City Council approved to place a donated sculpture at the 7th Street and Pasewalk Avenue roundabout.

The request was made by the Norfolk Public Arts Council.

The art piece is called the “Jacobean Lily” otherwise known as the “Aztec Lily.”

Michael Fluent of Wayne is the artist and the sculpture was donated to the City anonymously.

“I love doing large outdoor sculptures and not worrying about the restraints of an indoor space,” Fluent said. “Each part of this flower, to me, could be an individual sculpture. The stainless steel captures and releases light in ways that are constantly changing throughout the day."

It is the responsibility of the Norfolk Public Arts Council to advise the mayor and city council of potential arts programs and activities pertinent to the city, notify the city representative on the Arts Council and make recommendations regarding potential arts programs and activities, review and make recommendations for art considered for placement on city-owned property, and research grants, programs and other activities pertaining to enhancement of the arts to the city.

“Incorporating works of art into public infrastructure creates a platform for local and regional artists, beautifies our busiest roadways, and helps build a sense of community pride and identity throughout the city,” Mayor Josh Moenning said. “We’re very grateful that a generous donation from a civic-minded citizen made this installation possible – and hope that it serves as a model for other projects moving forward.”

If anyone is interested in donating a sculpture to the Norfolk Sculpture Walk, purchasing a current art piece, or taking part in the guided tour, call the Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau at 402-371-2932.