NORFOLK, Neb. -- Late June is not normally a time that Nebraskans head to their local polling place, but that is exactly what some in the state are preparing to do next week.

"I did not even know there was a special election going on," Norfolk resident Pauline Mbewe said. 

Voters in Nebraska's 1st Congressional District are voting in a special election to replace former Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, who has left office since being convicted of federal charges for lying to the FBI. Fortenberry will be sentenced on June 28, the same day as the special election.

"I want to call it a smaller election," Madison County Election Commissioner Anne Pruss said. "We only have one race on this ballot so the ballot faces look quite bare." 

The race will feature Republican Mike Flood and Democrat Patty Pansing-Brooks, both of whom were nominated by their respective parties. Each candidate also won their May primary elections to advance to the general election.

Pruss said she is working to make sure that this election is as fair as possible. 

"As an elected official, you're representing 35,000 people so you want to make sure that you are having a fair election," Pruss said. 

The two names will also be on the ballot for the general election in November. 

"I think it is interesting to have a special election, and then to turn around in a few months, and go to the polls again," Norfolk resident Nicole Sedlacek said. "It does seem a little redundant." 

This special election will run as normal, Pruss said. She said there are a few ways to vote, including going to the courthouse and picking up a ballot to vote, or stopping by a polling location.

EDITORS NOTE: Mike Flood is the founder and an owner of Flood Communications and News Channel Nebraska.