NORFOLK -- Construction costs are still being slammed by inflation -- but one facility is pushing on, despite the challenges, to create a new space for students. Lutheran High Northeast in Norfolk put the final beam on a new science lab classroom, Wednesday. 

"The space is the biggest thing we need," said Daniel Sievert, principal.

Sievert said with enrollment growing to 140 kids kids, he hopes this new area -- three times the size of their previous biology lab -- can promote interest in healthcare jobs in Nebraska, where staff shortages continue to disrupt hospitals.

The school is thinking ahead on other careers, too.

"We've been working really hard on the east side, on the Ag Center," said John Robertson, director of operations.

Robertson said, since the 90s, leadership at Lutheran High Northeast dreamt of encouraging students to go into Ag jobs. 

The elements did not perfectly come together at first; as rising construction costs imbalanced the chemistry during the planning phase last year.

"That was a long time before the current economic situation," said Robertson.

"We did some redesigning to keep cost down - but God has really blessed this project," said Sievert. Officials said their budget, even after redesigning, went from 3.4 million to more than 4.1 million dollars.

Raising $3.7 million, they're still in need of $250,000 for a roof, siding, and flooring before kids can start studying chemicals there in December. Fortunately, everything is on schedule.