WINNEBAGO, Neb -- A week-long journey in canoes allowed one Nebraska family to reconnect with each other and with their culture. 

Sunshine Bear, with her two kids and grandson, returned recently from a dugout canoe journey. (Bear is the cultural preservation officer of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska).

Last year, a 1200-year-old canoe had been found in Wisconsin. It inspired members of the community to similarly travel along the route and remember traditions of the past. 

"Being able to not only share that with my children and grandson, but to see other people from Winnebago who had never been there [...] it also helps to heal the historical trauma," Bear said. 

She and others plan to repeat this journey next year and make it an annual tradition going forward. 

Bear said she also hopes to bring it to Nebraska, where much of the Winnebago Tribe relocated (thanks to the Omaha Nation) after they were sent to desert land in South Dakota.