NORFOLK, Neb. -- As the teacher shortage continues across the nation, Norfolk Public Schools is increasing compensation to help the district attract more educators.

On Monday, the NPS Board of Education approved two increases to compensation, raising pay for student teachers and cooperative teachers in the district. It is the latest effort by the school district to draw in more educators amid the teacher shortage affecting schools across the United States.

Under the new compensation plans, student teachers will receive a stipend of $4,000 per semester, free meals, a free NPS polo, and hourly pay for substitute teaching and after-school activities, set at $125/day and $15/hour respectively. 

Cooperating teachers who allow student teachers in the classroom are also seeing some compensation. They too will receive free breakfast, lunch, and polo, and they will also be given a comp day.

Should the teacher take on a student teacher for one year, the free meals and polo are included, and the package will also include two comp days and a three-hour graduate class from Wayne State College with tuition waived by WSC and entrance fees paid by NPS.