PLAINVIEW, Neb. -- A northeast Nebraska farmers market returned last month for its 2022 season in a new location. While things have been good for the Plainview Farmers Market, according to the market manager, Dick Haskin, but he also said some vendors are only coming about once a month due to the high gas prices.

"The gas prices have caused some problems with some of the vendors that had been here, driving from a distance that said we're only going to come once a month," Haskin said.

With the absence of certain businesses that won't make the trip every Wednesday, Haskin added other people have done a good job making up for the missing vendors.

"Our other vendors have kind of filled in," he said. "We haven't noticed a decrease in the number of people coming to us," said Haskin. “The vendors that are far away, the gas prices are an issue for them this year."

With gas prices still high around the United States, Haskin said the farmer's market will go with the flow no matter what.

"I think we can work with that and make it work for us because our customers aren't traveling out to other places and buying things like they used to," Haskin said. "We're going to work with it and we're just going to adapt."

Prices in the gas industry seem to be an issue everybody is being affected by. On Wednesday, according to AAA, prices fell at the pumps again when the national average hit $4.63 per gallon.

Overall, Nebraska gas prices are currently at $4.56 for regular which is lower than the national average according to AAA.

If anyone is interested in going to the Plainview Farmers Market, it's every Wednesday from 9 am-12:30 pm. People can also visit their Facebook page for all the latest updates on what's happening.