NORFOLK, Neb. --  On the first day of her new store, 4th Street Sweets, opening; Stephanie Fleming was reminiscing on how much she wished her grandfather could see her dreams come true. 

"One of my favorite things is my grandma and grandpa always had a movie night at their house, and my grandpa always used to make fudge, and part of my recipe is the one he used," Fleming said. 

Fleming nostalgically missed the days of munching down on her grandfather's chocolate and popcorn, while watching her grandmother tease about the mess it caused. That's why, after accomplishing her first dream of book publishing, Fleming dedicated her time and money to creating her own candy shop in that memory. 

First, she learned about the business while working at a chocolate factory in Colorado for three years.

"My favorite part of the day was when someone came in and bought something I made and would 'ooh' and 'aah'," Fleming said. 

But she wanted to create an original store, where she could personalize the treats with things like adding sprinkles to chocolate-dipped oreos. 

She brought her dreams and experience to Norfolk, opening 4th Street Sweets, Thursday. The special day was also thanks to her husband, who enabled her to pay for the store in cash. 

"He said, 'let's make it happen'," Fleming said. 

They did encounter a few challenges: a countertop and a tempering machine arrived damaged. But, shipping delays didn't hold them more than a few weeks back. 

Fleming said the shop was fated for her. Before moving in, the space (previously a law office) was already painted the colors she wanted. Plus, a nearby store just so happened to have a table for free that she'd need. Above all, the location was ideal.

"We came down here in October when we were living in Colorado, and we were just amazed at how cute it's getting down here," Fleming said. Though her husband is from Wayne, they decided Norfolk was the place to open a business when they moved in February. 

"My 17-year-old already loves it here, and we love fishing here too," she said. 

The Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce told NCN, that a store like this was overdue for the community.

"A shop like this made me very excited because I am a self-professed chocoholic," said Zach Fischer, membership development director for the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce. "We love adding any type of business that we can get, something that's different that we don't have."

4th Street Sweets is working on planning a grand opening date, but in the meantime, you can check out her grandfather's fudge recipe and her other creations in downtown Norfolk at 103 North 4th Street, Norfolk NE 68701.

In the future, Fleming said she plans to do Valentine deliveries, wedding mints, and online ordering. She emphasized that she wants to make whatever the community wants, calling it "your store" rather than hers. That's why she invites anyone to come in and offer suggestions.