NORFOLK, Neb. -- With Nebraska facing drought-like conditions, the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District will have a tough decision come November.

On Thursday the LENRD held their sub-committee meeting to provide updates on their committees and future agenda items.

One of the subjects covered was how much water farmers would be able to use for next year's season.

LENRD Assistant General Manager Brian Buckner addressed the board explaining that should drought conditions continue to escalate towards an extreme or exceptional drought level, the board will need to decide whether or not to introduce additional restrictions for water usage.

A majority of the LENRD is currently in the D1-D2 level or moderate to severe drought levels. Should these conditions worsen, the board will need to decide later this year what potential restrictions would look like by November.

If additional restrictions are approved, the LENRD would embark on a massive information campaign to inform land owners of the new guidelines for 2023.

However, once these guidelines are decided upon, they can be revoked later on. Should the board implement the guidelines, but conditions improve with heavy rains and snow, the board can pull back the restrictions.

Once removed, the restrictions would not be able to be reinstated for 2023.

Because this was a sub-committee meeting no action items were voted on.