PILGER, Neb. -- Stanton County authorities are investigating a person of interest related to a crash involving a stolen vehicle near Highway 15 near Pilger.

The Stanton County Sheriff's Office was notified of a one-vehicle rollover accident near Highway 15 south of Pilger in northeast Nebraska.

Upon arrival, no one was located in or near the vehicle and the destroyed pickup, Sheriff Mike Unger said. Unger noted that the vehicle had rolled several times off the highway was found to have been recently stolen from Kansas.

The pickup had been northbound on Hwy 15 at high speed when it left the highway and rolled several times, according to Unger.

According to Unger, the Stanton County Sheriff's Office has identified an Illinois man as a potential suspect. DNA samples were taken from the scene after Unger said the potential suspect "was refusing to cooperate."

No formal charges have been filed and the man has not been officially "apprehended," Unger said.

"We don't want to take anything for granted," Unger said. "Nothing is certain, but his story doesn't add up."