MADISON, Neb. -- One man in northeast Nebraska is gathering food and basic items, on a mission to supply the Yankton Sioux Tribe with necessities.

Luke Drozd of Madison said he made friends with residents of the Yankton Native American reservation through the best friend of his wife. After visiting, he realized how badly the community needs aid. 

"Somebody has got to help, and if it's got to be me, it'll be me," Drozd said. 

Drozd said you can drop off meats; canned foods; kids' clothing or kitchenware at his house on 706 East 2nd Street. Or, let him know if you're willing to go with him to give away items. He stated he'll be taking his van to the Yankton Sioux community as soon as he has a car's supply -- hopefully within the month -- then dispersing them with Yankton resident Yvette Zephier Cummings to 600 families in town.

He adds that the Norfolk Rescue Mission also is a good way to support them, but he also goes on trips there on his own.

"I went up five or six times but stopped making the drive once my wife got sick," he said. She has since passed away, and now, "I can't sit no more." He's hoping he can take action once again, doing something she would have appreciated.