NORFOLK, Neb. -- Two organizations in northeast Nebraska are teaming up together to make sure children have school supplies.

The Zone After School Program and North Fork Area Transit collected school supplies on Friday in a special way.

A trolley was placed outside of Walmart in Norfolk.

The goal for both organizations was to fill the trolley up with supplies calling the event, a "Trolley Takeover."

Ignacio Gonzalez is the transit manager for North Fork Area Transit and he said it's common these days for organizations to come together and collect school supplies for children.

"We'll always have to work together because of the way it is," Gonzalez said. "Growing up for me, personally, we had issues getting school supplies. A lot of my school supplies came from donations. Going to school and not having enough crayons or pencils, it's not the best situation," Gonzalez said. "So, the fact there is a system that is willing to generate help for the community means a lot."

All the supplies that were donated on Friday will be given away at the Zone's Rock the Block fundraiser on August 6th.

The family-friendly event will be held in Central Park and will have food, raffles, and live music. 

Gonzalez explained how important it is for communities to continue with fundraising events like the "Trolley Takeover."

"It's important because the community is what keeps most of these systems going," he said. "We need to help each other and it's part of having a positive place to live and a high quality of life for everyone."

If you would like to donate to the Zone but missed Friday's donation event, you can still drop off supplies at their location at 218 Braasch Avenue.