NORFOLK, Neb. -- A police department in northeast Nebraska is inviting the public out to an annual event.

The Norfolk Police Division is holding its 13th annual National Night Out on August 2nd in Central Park. 

The event is designed to bring law enforcement agencies closer to their communities in a fun and friendly way.

Chad Reiman is the operations captain for the Norfolk Police Division and he said the event is a great way to see law enforcement in a different light than normal.

"When you interact with law enforcement it's generally because you needed them or maybe you got stopped or they tried to address an issue with you," he said. "This way it's completely friendly, light-hearted. It's a good place to interact with law enforcement."

The Norfolk Fire Division and the Nebraska State Patrol will also be at the event.

Reiman added that while other law enforcement agencies may have experienced a negative outlook from their communities in recent years, he feels the NPD has had only support from the community.

"Our community is extremely supportive," he said. "We have great relationships with our community. We did not have the issues other communities had during 2020. We're lucky in that respect that our community is supportive."

Reiman told News Channel Nebraska that it's disappointing to him that the outlook on law enforcement has been viewed as negative since 2020.

"Law enforcement, in large, is here simply to protect their community and take care of their citizens," Reiman said. "There's millions of law enforcement interactions with their communities. One bad interaction takes over all of the rest of those good things that law enforcement and their communities have done together and for each other."

The National Night Out will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Food, games, and entertainment will also be featured at the event.