PIERCE, Neb. -- The 2022 Pierce County Fair returned on Wednesday with a number of different things still being set up for the rest of the week.

The fair will feature bullfighting for the second year in a row after introducing it for the first time last year.

Kathy Lauer, who is a spokesperson for the fair, said there's a unique vibe to the types of people who regularly attend.

‘’Our attendants also seem to like the mud-slinging and the tractors and the noise,” said Lauer. “So, that’s what we continue to bring back every year.”

Lauer mentioned it's all about putting on a great show for the fans.

“Everybody likes to see the close calls, the tractors as loud as they can be,” she said.

People can go to the Pierce County Fair’s website to see a full list of all the events coming up later in the week.