NORFOLK, Neb. -- Tuesday marked National Disability Independence Day. News Channel Nebraska checked in with local organizations about how they're working to help people achieve just that.

"I've always enjoyed this career [...] it just paints a good picture on how you can better the community," said Sarah Potts, executive director of Mosaic in Norfolk.

Staff members at the service organization work to provide life and healthcare services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Mosaic staff said the current year's challenges of labor shortages and inflation haven't challenged them too hard. Though their own staffing has been tight, Potts said, employers have remained reliable. However, the organization is looking for more employers with which to partner.

Staff note these potential businesses can be in any field -- from sports to offices to community service. 

"Just being open gives us ideas and options and that's great," Potts said. "And a lot of our participants, there goal is to socialize not to have a job or just giving back and being part of the community. 

Community Relations Manager Traci Vauble agreed.

"There's a level of thinking outside of the box, we can really make anything work," Vauble said. 

With more community interactions, perhaps stigmas about disabilities can continue to change.  

"I think there's a big myth that people with disabilities don't have the same wants or dreams, that they don't want to or can't accomplish things," Vauble said. "I think that's such a sad misnomer because people with disabilities do have the same desires we do. We just have to find out what those are." 

"And I think people with disabilities are not used to having that voice," Potts said. 

Mosaic serves around 125 people on 90 staff. The Norfolk location also oversees people in Hartington, Fremont, and Columbus areas as well. To reach out, you can call 402-379-3888.