NORFOLK, Neb. -- As the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District (LENRD) still tries to find a way to stop Battle Creek from flooding, members of the community are putting their ideas forward.

On Thursday, the LENRD was given a presentation from community members, discussing ideas of how to stop flooding in Battle Creek.

This topic has had numerous discussions as the board attempts to find a system to prevent flooding in the city, while also not constructing a project that will have a negative impact on landowners outside of the city or be expensive to taxpayers. Currently, the LENRD board is conducting a study with JEO consulting to determine what projects could work in the area.

Right now JEO is investigating a potential three-dam system.

Troy Uhlir, chairman of the Madison County Commissioners, approached the LENRD last night with his plan to stop flooding in the area.

His proposed plan is to remove the levee berm on the west side of Battle Creek to help water flow into a detention cell northwest of the city. Uhlir also says fixing two bridges and the Cowboy Trail could reduce flooding as well, as these structures restrict water flow.

This idea was well received by members of the board, however, Mike Sousek, the LENRD General Manager said that JEO looked at a similar project idea in early 2022, which was determined to not be possible. However, Sousek did say that he was open to the board partnering with Madison County to conduct a study to see if Uhlir's idea would work.

"I believe it was back in March JEO briefly looked at it got to a point and said it wasn't going to work," Sousek said. "The amount of space needed to store the water wasn't big enough. I completely understand what you're saying, it makes sense, but I need the technical data to prove that this is going to work."

No action was taken last night regarding the Battle Creek study. However, Mark Hall, director of the LENRD, said the board is open to hearing new ideas and would look into the possibility of other projects at future meetings.