NORFOLK, Neb. -- The City of Norfolk has opened the opportunity for more temporary, emergency housing locations.

The move follows suit with a decision made back in July to allow certain properties in town to become future temporary homes for Ukrainian refugees. The housing units would be provided with all necessary utilities and are not expected to be permanent fixtures. The locations discussed during Monday's meeting are all owned by Behavioral Health Specialists Inc. The temporary units would be located at 923 E. Norfolk Ave, 105 Recovery Road, 107 Recovery Road, and 111 Recovery Road.

Norfolk City Administrator Andy Colvin explained the situation with the refugees is very fluid and changes. Because of the situation, other areas needed to be available to house incoming refugees, he said. The option to have emergency housing on the 7th St. property is still a possibility, he noted.

"We're just allowing placement of the structures on the overall property," Colvin said. "Anecdotally there's been reports they may not be placing it (the temporary housing) on 7th St. anymore."

The Norfolk City Council has not been told how many Ukrainians will be arriving, although Mayor Josh Moenning said some local media reports have cited that 22 refugees would be arriving within the following weeks. The decision was passed in a unanimous 8-0 vote to allow the placement of temporary units and suspend rules on building and zoning requirements.