WAYNE, Neb. -- If you have ever been to an escape room before and happened to enjoy it, one will be making its way to the town of Wayne.

‘Wayne Escapes’ will be the name and the business is set to open downtown at 110 Main Street.

The owner of the business and manager, Ryan Zoucha, said the whole idea of the room started out as a big joke with family members.

“It started as me joking around with my parents,” he said. “One of them doesn’t really like these job so I’m like “hey, you could quit and come up here and run an escape room.” She said no [my mom] and I said okay, I’ll do it myself.”

And that he did.

The business is still a major work in progress at the moment, but considering Zoucha only started to get the ball rolling about a month ago, he’s certainly ahead of schedule.

“It’s all rolling kinda fast that I only started looking into things a month and a half ago,” Zoucha said. “It was just everything working out just right.”

The theme of the escape room isn’t quite set yet, but Zoucha said he’s working hard to get to the bottom of it.

“I have the props but I just gotta have a theme to go around them,” he said. “I’m working for what I could find so I’ve been hitting up garage sales, Facebook Marketplace to find nice items for an affordable price.”

So far, the community response around Wayne has been noteworthy.

“Community response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Zoucha. “I actually put stuff out on social media because I kept my cards pretty close to my chest for a while, and I couldn’t go to sleep that night.”

“[On] Facebook, tons of comments, tons of shares,” he said. “I think Wayne is going to love it, and I think college kids are going to love it.”

The business is expected to open on August 11th.