NEBRASKA -- A new report said changing how we talk about victims of financial fraud could lead to a shift in how Nebraska and the nation respond to this growing sector of criminal activity. 

The AARP Fraud Watch Network teamed up with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation of a new study. 

Amy Nofziger, director of fraud-victim support for the AARP Fraud Watch Network, said most people who experience fraud are already beating themselves up. 

"Instead of using words like 'duped' or 'fell for it,' we need to put the blame on the criminal," Nofziger said. "That money was stolen from that person. They were a victim of this crime."

The report's recommendations for media outlets, law enforcement, banks and other is to avoid language subtly blaming victims because it downplays the severity of the crime and makes it harder to understand the actual scope of the problem. 

Victims of fraud can contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network helpline at 877-908-3360.