BATTLE CREEK, Neb. -- After being discussed earlier this month, the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District has approved a new study for the Battle Creek watershed.

The study was initially discussed at the LENRD's subcommittee meeting as a new way to evaluate proposals to stop floods in Battle Creek.

Many residents in the area of the watershed have approached the board in recent months asking why certain proposals were dropped or provided their own suggestions on how to control flooding. This new hydrology study aims to simulate these new and past proposals, to see their overall effectiveness and cost.

With this new model, the LENRD hopes it can see every possible solution to Battle Creek's floods, while finding a project that will not cost taxpayers and have a minimal effect on landowners. 

"I think the first step is to get together with people to be named by you (the LENRD) sit down and make sure that everybody's ideas are on the table," said FYRA Principal Engineer Mike Sotak. "We want to get all the ideas on the table, figure out how to package see what can be done down there in great detail with a hydraulic model."

The study will be conducted by FYRA Engineering with costs not exceeding $79,436. The LENRD board also approved an inter-local agreement with Madison County to split the costs of the study. This new study from FYRA will not replace the ongoing study by JEO Consulting.