NORFOLK, Neb. -- Tiny houses are now an option for some property owners in Norfolk following the council decision on Tuesday.

Under a new ordinance, tiny houses can now be constructed within Norfolk, as long as the building meets the guidelines set forth by the council.

A tiny house is defined as a 70 to 649 square foot house placed on a permanent foundation with utilities connected to the structure.

Tiny houses are not required to have a designated parking spot, allowing for cars to park in the street. Property owners who construct a tiny house neighborhood can also choose to keep ownership of the land under the tiny house but not the structure itself, own the property and house or lease the tiny house to others while maintaining ownership of the land. 

Mayor Josh Moenning said tiny houses provide Norfolk with more housing options, especially for those looking to own a home within their budget.

"This, I think, is one step towards us trying to meet the challenge of providing truly affordable housing in this day and age," Moenning said. "Is it for everyone? Probably not, but there are some people that seem to be attracted to this type of housing form."

The ordinance was passed in an unanimous 7-0 vote on all three readings.