LINCOLN - Trev Alberts called it a tough and sad day, that being the firing of head coach Scott Frost on Sunday. Frost was let go with a record of 16-31 at Nebraska, on the heels of a loss to Georgia Southern. The announcement came just before 12:30 Sunday afternoon. Wideout's coach Mickey Joseph will take over as interim head coach.

Alberts discussed how the conversation with Frost went down.

“Scott was extremely collegial and he understood. I was not surprised because I know how much he loves this place,” Alberts said. “We then both had the opportunity to go down and meet with the team, we sent an email to the team, most of the team was here. Scott was with me while I thanked the team, and I thanked Scott in front of the team. I think the team really cares about Scott and I know Scott cares a lot about the team. I then gave Scott the opportunity to take a few moments by himself with the team. We all left and those conversations can be kept between Scott and the team.”

He university could have waited until early October when the buy out of Frost’s contract dropped by over $7-million. Alberts says the decision was made now for the sake of the players.

“We owed it to the players,” Alberts said. “We needed to give them a different voice. A slightly different vision. Give them some confidence and opportunity. We have seniors on this team who have invested a lot for a long time.”

It’s now Mickey Joseph at the helm. Joesph, a former Husker, played quarterback for the Big Red from 1988-1991, and becomes the first African-American head coach in Nebraksa sports history.

“I think he has an infectious personality,” Alberts said. “He’s been some places, I think he has some different feelings about structure and approach sot there will be some significant, fairly immediate changes in approach. He had a very poignant conversation with the team today. And I know he’ll love the team and serve the team just like Scott did.”

Alberts said there will be a coaching search, but said no coach will be bigger or more important than the University of Nebraska.

“This place will always be bigger than any one person. And that’s the way it has to be,” Alberts said. “We’ll do the very best that we can, we’ll dive into the details, we’ll surround ourselves with good people. And we will identify the next leader of Husker football.”

This decision comes just after Nebraska’s 45-42 loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday night. The Huskers have started 1-2 on the year, both losses coming in one score games, being to Northwestern and Georgia Southern. The Huskers welcome former Big 8 foe Oklahoma this weekend.