NORFOLK, Neb. -- It's time to get your body moving, while doing so for a good cause. 

Liberty Centre Services will be hosting their 9th Annual Color Your Recovery Run next month and it is open to everyone.

The color run will include a 5K and 10K trail for adults with a mile-long kids fun run.

Executive Director Patty Skokan said the color run will be a colorful and fun-filled event with more activities and prizes than the run itself.

"At the silent auction we have a lot of variety and different kinds of items and events that are available for people to bid on," said Skokan. "Then CrossFit comes and does a little warmup right at the beginning before we do the race."

Runners are advised to register for the run by Sunday night (Sept. 18) to receive a free t-shirt and the early bird rates for the different trails offered.

All money made from the color run will go toward helping fund services provided by Liberty Centre, which helps individuals recovering from mental illness and substance abuse.

The color run was originally hosted to promote mental health awareness but has grown to become a fundraiser to help provide resources to those with mental illness in the northeast Nebraska area.

"We provide services for people who have a chronic mental illness who live in northeast Nebraska," said Skokan. "We're helping people to get jobs, to find friends, to become involved in the community, sometimes find housing or transportation. We're about life."  

Liberty Centre, along with volunteers, will help set up and work color and activity stations for runners and walkers throughout the trails.

Clubhouse Director Colten Hiatt said the Centre is open to the extra help.

"Helping with the color run is awesome, just a lot of great people getting together to support mental health here in Norfolk, Nebraska," said Hiatt. "There's lot of opportunity to help if you want to be a part of it definitely please reach out to us."

Organizers say the Color Your Recovery Run will be an event for participants and sponsors to come together and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

And when Skokan was asked, what's the one word she could use to sum up the event, she choose, "... community."