MADISON, Neb.-- The Madison County Courthouse and election officials in northeast Nebraska are providing steps on how to register to vote for the upcoming November elections if you haven't already. With important races looming, officials are doing everything they can to help people get out and make their voices heard.

For registering, it includes things like being a U.S citizen, being at least 18 years of age, and living in the state of Nebraska.

The Madison County Clerk, Anne Pruss, provided some easy ways to register.

“Once again, you can go online to register to vote,” Pruss said. “You can actually stop here in the office. If they’re wanting to receive their ballot by mail, you can contact our office. We would be more than happy to send an application out to you and then get that ballot mailed to you.”

She also wanted to clear up some speculation on people not having faith in elections or how exactly they operate.

“A lot of people say their votes don’t count, they really do,” Pruss said. “People need to get out and vote and express their opinions to our elected officials.”

Pruss said regardless of COVID-19 not being as present as it was back in the 2020 election cycle, she expects mail-in ballots to increase this year. For more information on how to vote and the requirements needed, go to the Madison County Courthouse website.