NORFOLK, Neb.--A state senator running for governor visited Norfolk to host a town hall on Sunday evening.

Democrat Carol Blood was at the Norfolk Lodge speaking to members of the public about her ideas and visions if she would be elected governor of Nebraska.

Blood mentioned her ideas on key issues like maintaining public safety, improving public health, investing in Nebraska’s overall infrastructure, and improving the education system.

She told News Channel Nebraska that some Republicans around the state are growing frustrated with the current leadership.

“I live in a highly republican area, and I ask the same question," Blood said. “I say ‘are you happy with how things are going the last 20 years?’ The prison overcrowding, the high property taxes, our environmental issues, our children falling threw the cracks of bad policy. Everybody tells me the same thing.”

Blood said some people she's talked to who are long-time Republican voters want change in the near future.

“A lot of Nebraskans are unhappy and they know they’ve been made the collateral damage," Blood said. “They are sick and tired of the falsehoods and the lies and they think it’s time for new blood.“

From 1955 to 1999, Republicans and Democrats regularly swapped positions in the office, with the opposing party replacing the previous party with each new governor. However, there hasn’t been a Democrat in office in over 20 years in Nebraska, with Ben Nelson's departure in 1999 serving as the last time a Republican was not governor in Nebraska.

Blood, who is hoping to change the recent trend, will face off against Jim Pillen, who won a crowded Republican primary in May. The two will not be debating, however, as Pillen has declined head-to-head debates leading up to both the primary and the general election.